Wu Shi

Wu Shi (武屍)

Chinese: 武屍
Pronunciation: Wu Shi

Wu Shi are powerful warriors enslaved by Hei Long. They are infused with dark energy, thus makes them demonic.

There are totally six of them: An (暗), Hui (毀), Du (毒), Wu (無), Duo (奪), and Zun (尊) - two of them being Lei Ke Si (雷克斯) and Tian Hong Guang (田弘光). Wu (無) is known for attacking his targets by turning into someone they care about.

After the KO fighters defeat Hei Long, the Wu Shi were freed from his control.

Specialty Edit

Powers Edit

They develop new abilities upon being controlled and trained. Because they are merely the altered egos of their former selves, their individual powers are retained when they are turned evil.

Certain new powers include:

  • Wu Shi can produce energy blasts at their enemies.
  • They can move around the physical realm with teleportation.

One of these members, Wu, has the power to take the form of those his target holds dear as a way to attack them when they are least expected to be on their guard.

Weapons Edit

Wu Shi carry a special type of blade weapons called Dragon Slicers. While most Wu Shi use these weapons, Wu is known for using a Su Huan Needle against his opponents.

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