Ultimate Class (終極一班)

Chinese: 終極一班
Pronunciation: Zhong Ji Yi Ban

The new Ultimate Class

The Ultimate Class is a powerful group of trouble-making students who were rejected by other high schools and are eventually accepted to this class in Ba Le High School. It's one of the most powerful and legendary groups in high school history in the Gold Dimension. Most members are participants of the KO Ranking Chart; a record system that keeps the participants noticed to the world of martial arts and gangsters.

Most people are frightened by them for their troubling nature.

Though the members of this class are known for causing trouble and starting fights more than spending time with their books, they share a genuine loyalty to their leader: Wang Da Dong. The rich and powerful Wang Ya Se and the quiet yet mysterious Ding Xiao Yu run the group as second-in-command.

Their homeroom teacher is the kindhearted Miss Tian Xin, who was later replaced by Duan Chang Ren after she was placed in a safehouse for protection from the Martial Arts Syndicate.

Members Edit

Form TeachersEdit


  • Lei Ting - New leader of the Ultimate Class after Wang Da Dong went missing.


  • Jin Bao San - KO. 135. The class president and former leader of the Ultimate Class. (Episode 1) The only person still present in the present day Ultimate Class.
  • Hua Ling Long - Member of the present day Ultimate Class.
  • Zhong Wan Jun - Member of the present day Ultimate Class. He uses marbles as weapons to bounce and defeat his opponents.

Former Members Edit

  • Cai Wu Xiong - Cai Yun Han's younger sister, who was brought up by gorillas. (Episode 16) Disappeared for 10 years.
  • Ding Xiao Yu - KO. 4: Co-leader. A mysterious kid with a hidden background. His power manifests from his fists. (Episode 1) Disappeared for 10 years.



The name of this class is referenced from the name of the series KO One.