The X-Famiy

The X-Family (終極一家)

The X-Family (終極一家, pronounced: Zhōng jí yī jiā) is the sequel to KO One, picking up what happens to Wang Da Dong, Wang Ya Se and Ding Xiao Yu after the final battle and focuses the lives of their alternate counterparts in another dimension. This series is aired between August and October 2007.

The sequel; K.O.3an Guo, picks up a wuxia theme in another dimension.

Profile Edit

Title: 終極一家 / Zhōng Jí Yī Jiā
English title: The X-Family
Broadcast network: GTV
Broadcast period: August 8 - October 23, 2007
Air time: 21:00 - 22:00
Genre: Fantasy, science, drama, romance
Opening theme: Chu Shen Ru Hua (出神入化) by Fahrenheit.
Ending theme: Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni (最愛還是你) by Danson Tang (episodes 1-30)
Bu Hui Ai (不會愛) by Fahrenheit (episodes 31-55)
Soundtrack: The X-Family OST
Preceeded by: KO One
Followed by: K.O.3an Guo
Website: GTV Homepage

Synopsis Edit

This series picks up what happens after the KO fighters' last battle against the forces of darkness.

Da Dong's friend, Xiu, hopes to help Da Dong, Ya Se and Xiao Yu restore their powers in order to turn the war against the darkness to good's favor, much to Da Dong's pleasure. After going through many failed experiments, Xiu tells them of the existence of the twelve dimensions and their alternate counterparts, who may be their last hope in restoring their powers.

Since the other ten dimensions have already been conquered by darkness, Xiu can only travel to his dimension: the Iron Dimension. There, he meets Da Dong's alternate counterpart, Xia Tian, who has very special powers but has little control over them. Upon realizing his potential, Xiu suspects that he may have the potential to become the legendary Ultimate Iron Man; a power-user prophesised to hold the ultimate power and known as the savior of worlds. Xia Tian, however, is not interested in using his powers at any purpose and mainly focuses on improving his musical skills in hopes to one day become a rockstar musician. However, after going through some dangerous events that almost get his family and loved ones killed, Xia Tian realizes that he needs to be stronger to be able to protect them, and so slowly focuses on becoming the Ultimate Iron Man. However, what he doesn't know is that he needs to go through many trials that will put his body and heart in pain before he can become the one.

As time goes by, Xia Tian becomes more powerful while Xiu finds Ya Se and Xiao Yu's alternate counterparts; Lan Ling Wang and Jiu Wu, who also possess extraordinarily powerful gifts. However, Lan Ling Wang is a servant of a powerful dark family, who later takes away his powers and annihilates his family. Meanwhile, Jiu Wu cannot restore his alternate counterpart's powers because he needs to constantly transfer his power to the force field that protects the Iron Dimension.

With all of their alternate counterparts preoccupied and powerless, respectively, how can Da Dong, Ya Se and Xiao Yu have their powers restored? And now that the Iron Dimension is the only world that hasn't been conquered yet, how will they protect their world from being swallowed by the darkness?

Main CastEdit

Image Actor Character Muggle Name
Xia Xiong Pauline Lan (藍心湄) Xia Lan Xing De Xiong (夏蘭荇德‧雄)
Xia Lan Xing De ancestor (夏蘭荇德祖先)
Xia Xiong (夏雄)
Xia Tian Jiro Wang (汪東城) Xia Lan Xing De Tian (夏蘭荇德‧天)
Gui Long (鬼龍)
Wang Da Dong (汪大東)
Jiro Wang (汪東城)

Xia Tian (夏天)

Lan Ling Wang Calvin Chen (辰亦儒) Gu La Yi Er Lan Ling Wang (古拉依爾‧蘭陵王)
Wang Ya Se (王亞瑟)
Lan Ling Wang (蘭陵王)
Jiu Wu Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) Jiu Da Zhang Lao Wu (灸亣镸荖‧舞)
Ding Xiao Yu (丁小雨)
Jiu Wu (灸舞)
Xia Liu Chen Bo Zheng (陳博正) Xia Lan Xing De Liu (夏蘭荇德‧流)
Xia Lan Xing De ancestor (夏蘭荇德祖先)
Xia Liu (夏流)
Ye Si Ren Jack Na (那維勲) Ye He Na La Si Ren (葉赫那啦‧思仁)
Duan Chang Ren (斷腸人)
Hei Long (黑龍)
Jack Na
Ye Si Ren (葉思仁)
Xia Yu Danson Tang (唐禹哲) Xia Lan Xing De Yu (夏蘭荇德‧宇)
Gui Feng (鬼鳳)
Danson Tang
Xia Yu (夏宇)
Xia Mei Sunnie Huang (黃小柔) Xia Lan Xing De Mei (夏蘭荇德‧美)
Gui Wa (鬼娃)
Sunnie Huang
Xia Mei (夏美)
Xiu Shu Chen (陳德修) Hu Yan Jue Luo Xiu (呼延覺羅‧脩)
Hu Yan Jue Luo Tie Le Shi (呼延覺羅‧鐵勒士)
Hu Yan Xiu (呼延脩)
Hu Yan Tie Le Shi (呼延鐵勒士)
Han Cai Han Cen (蔡函岑) Han Ke La Ma Han (韓克拉瑪‧寒)
Han Ke La Ma Bing Xin (韓克拉瑪‧冰心)
Han Ke La Ma Mian Mian Bing (韓克拉瑪‧綿綿冰)
Han Han (韓寒)
Han Bing Xin (韓冰心)
Han Mian Mian Bing (韓綿綿冰)
A Chord a Chord (謝和弦) a Chord None

Production CreditsEdit

  • Producers: Chen Zhi Han 陳芷涵 / Jerry Feng 馮家瑞 / Wang Xin Gui 王信貴 / Wang Chuan Ren 王傳仁
  • Directors: Lin Qing Fang 林清芳 / Liao Fei Hong 廖猆鴻 / Liu Xing 劉行 / Zheng De Hua 鄭德華
  • Screenwriters: Qi Yang Lin 齊鍚麟 / Liu Shi Yuan 呂蒔媛 / Deng Li Fen 鄧莉芬 / Lin Xin Hui 林欣慧 / Liu Rue Xuan 劉蕊瑄 / Huang Wei Rong 黃微容

Episodes Edit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
X-family01 Round 1 August 8, 2007 2.01
The story begins with Xiu using his power to summon thunder to help restore the lost powers of Wang Da Dong, Wang Ya Se and Ding Xiao Yu, but the result proves unsuccessful. Xiu tells Da Dong, Ya Se and Xiao Yu the final way to restore their powers: by traveling to another world and find their alternate counterparts and use them to restore their powers. Da Dong's alternate counterpart, Xia Tian takes over the story.
X-family02 Round 2 August 9, 2007 2.02
The Xia Lan Xing De family is attacked by a couple of strangers. Xiu's band, Dong Cheng Wei, perform at Xia Tian's father's pub. There, Xiu accidentally senses Xia Tian's special power. When Ren Chen Wen and Xia Tian encounter a gang, Xia Tian turns into Gui Long and attacks the gang, and then uses his power to attract young women.
X-family03 Round 3 August 10, 2007 2.03
Xia Xiong goes on a date, but the three siblings and their father sabotage their mother's date by luring her away and letting Xia Mei scare Vincent half to death. Xiu visits Xia Tian and offers to teach him how to play guitar. That same night, Xiu tells Xia Tian that he has the potential of becoming a legendary "Ultimate Iron Man"; the savior of worlds.
X-family04 Round 4 August 13, 2007 2.04
Despite Xiu's suggestion, Xia Tian has no interest in becoming the Ultimate Iron Man and just wants to practice playing guitar. Xia Xiong invites her boyfriend Vincent over to their house, but the Xia siblings and their father play tricks and sabotage her date... again.
X-family05 Round 5 August 14, 2007 2.05
Xia Xiong finds out about Xia Tian's wish to become a musician and breaks his guitar in anger. Xia Tian begs his mother to give him support, and after a rainy drama, she agrees. Vincent visits Ye Si Ren, the siblings' father, at his pub and convinces him accept the fact that he is together with Xia Xiong now.
X-family06 Round 6 August 15, 2007 2.06
Vincent reveals his true identity as a demonic power-user and attacks the Xia Lan Xing De family, only to get defeated by Xiu's controlling spell. After that, Xia Xiong invites Xiu and his friend a Chord over for dinner to thank them. She asks Xiu to not train Xia Tian to advance his powers, even though he has the potential to become the Ultimate Iron Man.
X-family07 Round 7 August 16, 2007 2.07
The Xia family finds out that Ye Si Ren has used their house and their company to help a friend return 10 million dollars. When the shark loans come, Xia Tian and Ye Si Ren are saved by a mysterious young woman. Xia Tian investigates with his friends and finally finds out that the girl who saved them was the one he met when he was young, and the one that he has loved since then.
X-family08 Round 8 August 17, 2007 2.08
Xia Tian offers Han, his dream girl, a room to rent in their house and on several occasions tries to re-connect with her, but she keeps blowing him off. When Xiu and Han meet, they start to fight, but were stopped by Xia Xiong. Later, they fight again and Xia Tian tries to stop them by running into the middle of the battle and ends up getting himself hurt.
X-family09 Round 9 August 20, 2007 2.09
Xia Tian and Xiu find a couple of peace-making bracelets to make peace between Han and Xiu. Han finds out that Xia Tian is the boy she met when she was young, but she just tells him to forget about her, saying "We're too different. I would never fall for you. You should just give up."Ye Si Ren talks Xia Xiong into going out on a romantic weekend with him.
X-family10 Round 10 August 21, 2007 2.10
Xia Mei, the little sister, accidentally throws Han's drumsticks into the dimension of Mie. When Han realizes that her drumsticks have disappeared, she starts feeling dizzy and eventually collapse. According to the magical doctors, Han's spirit is transferred into her drumsticks and if they're not returned within two hours, she will die. Xia Tian, upon realizing there is no other choice, rushes into Mie and gets his life in danger.
X-family11 Round 11 August 22, 2007 2.11
Xia Tian trades Han's soul and weapons for his own. The demon within Mie later decides to let Xia Tian return to the human world, but in exchange, Gui Long, his evil half, becomes powerful enough to break free of the Feng Long Patch's seal and take over Xia Tian's body.
X-family12 Round 12 August 23, 2007 2.12
Xia Liu, the grandfather, calls for help from his friend Jiu Lai. He manages to suppress Gui Long, but tells them that Xia Tian must find a way to take over Gui Long and harness the demonic energy he absorbed while he was in Mie, otherwise Gui Long will take over his body permanently and their world will have another powerful opponent to fight. The Xia family goes on an experiment to make Xia Tian stronger, but the results prove unsuccessful.
X-family13 Round 13 August 24, 2007 2.13
Xiu tells Xia Tian about the existence of his counterpart and that the fate of the universe lie on him. Xia Tian promises to keep fighting, but he also makes Xiu promise that he would kill him if Gui Long takes over. The Illusionary Eye awakes the Stone-Hearted Assassin in Han and makes her go after Xia Tian. Da Dong tells Xiu to encourage Xia Tian to keep fighting, which he does and Xia Tian is able to conquer Gui Long's superior power.
X-family14 Round 14 August 27, 2007 2.14
Han begins to turn into stone, Xia Tian decides to save her no matter what. Even though Xia Xiong protests, he still insists on saving her. Xiu, Xia Tian and A Chord discuss and come to the fact that they could use the Soul Collecting Melody from the evil Ye He Na La family to revive Han. After the discussion, A Chord mysteriously receives the Soul Collecting Melody and Xia Tian uses it to revive Han, but she ends up losing her memory.
X-family15 Round 15 August 28, 2007 2.15
Xia Xiong sends Han away without revealing her whereabouts. Xia Tian seeks out to find her, but is unsuccessful. When Han finally returns, Xia Xiong reveals that she has merely sent her to the magical doctors' office to determine her amnesia. Xiu transfers his element of wind to Xia Tian and tells him that he must collect four other elements in order to become Ultimate Iron Man. When Xia Xiong gives Xia Tian the responsibility of being the lord of the house, Xia Yu (the eldest sibling) becomes jealous; which grows even stronger when he finds out that she has always kept their family heirloom, Feng Long Card, inside of Xia Tian's body. Xia Yu starts seeing visions that keep telling him that he is no muggle.
X-family16 Round 16 August 29, 2007 2.16
It reveals that Xia Yu has always wished to develop powers of his own, because his parents always ignored him and paid more attention to Xia Tian and Xia Mei. A professor at Xia Yu's university gives Xia Yu a magical ring that bestows him magical powers. Xia Yu uses it to play tricks on people, and when it's energy runs out, he seeks out to absorb the power of power-users.
X-family17 Round 17 August 30, 2007 2.17
Xia Yu continues to hunt power-users and absorb their powers. Later, he finally taps into his own power and kills the professor who gave him the ring. With a dream warning from their respective buddies, Xia Tian and Xia Mei discover that Xia Yu is the demonic power-user who has been attacking other power-users.
X-family18 Round 18 August 31, 2007 2.18
In order to save Xia Yu from turning evil, Ye Si Ren reveals his identity as the heir of the Ye He Na La family, the most powerful dark family there is, and uses the Soul Cleansing Melody to strip away Xia Yu's powers.
X-family19 Round 19 September 3, 2007 2.19
With Ye Si Ren's identity revealed, Xia Xiong expresses her true feelings to prevent him from leaving. When things finally get back on track between the two lovers, Ye Si Ren discovers something disturbing about Han's background. Xia Tian begins to go on training with Xiu to control/suppress Gui Long.
X-family20 Round 20 September 4, 2007 2.20
Ye Si Ren finds out that Han is actually his long lost daughter, and tries to split up Han and Xia Tian by all means without telling the truth. Xia Xiong starts looking for a wedding gown in hopes to reconcile her marriage with Ye Si Ren.
X-family21 Round 21 September 5, 2007 2.21
A mysterious power-user roams around Dong Cheng Wei and the Xia Lan Xing De family. Xia Tian and Han finally hear from their father that they are half-siblings, and painfully split up and Han moves out of the house. In addition, Xia Xiong's plan to re-marry Ye Si Ren is spoiled because of this discovery.
X-family22 Round 22 September 6, 2007 2.22
The mysterious man that sneaks around the Xia Lan Xing De family and Dong Cheng Wei turns out to be Lan Ling Wang, a powerful and well-trained soldier of the Ye He Na La family, and make matters worse, he is the alternate counterpart of Wang Ya Se. A Chord tries to fight him, but ends up getting hurt in the process. Dong Cheng Wei, Xia Liu and Xia Xiong form a force field to fend him off, but he easily surpasses their magic. The outcome of the fight ends with Ye Si Ren coming into the middle and ordering Lan Ling Wang to have a private conversation with him.
X-family23 Round 23 September 7, 2007 2.23
Ye Si Ren finds out that his father passed away a while ago. Ye Si Si, Ye Si Ren's cousin, orders Lan Ling Wang to give him a letter from his father. But when Ye Si Ren takes the letter, he gets poisoned. To get the antidote, Xia Tian, Xia Mei, Xia Yu, Ren Chen Wen, Han, Xia Mi and Wa Ge go out and search for the legendary doctor Xia Gu, the doctor who once worked for the Ye He Na La family. The doctor agrees to give them the antidote but not before finishing three trials.
X-family24 Round 24 September 10, 2007 2.24
With two tests passed, the doctor gives them the final task: to make his wife smile. Everyone tries to make her smile, but nothing works. Suddenly, Han rushes to the doctor's wife's side and tells them she is an assassin sent by the Ye He Na La family. She threatens to kill his wife unless he strips away his powers and kills himself. When she realizes how much her husband truly loves her, she smiles and Han reveals that she has only been playing them to make the doctor's wife realize that she has true love on her side.
X-family25 Round 25 September 11, 2007 2.25
Lan Ling Wang challenges Xia Tian a duel to reclaim the two melodies. Xiu borrows Da Dong's weapon to Xia Tian to double his chances against Lan Ling Wang's power. Before the battle can start, Lan Ling Wang's servant rushes to him and tells him that his family has been captured. Ye Si Ren gives Lan Ling Wang the melodies so he could use them to trade for his family.
X-family26 Round 26 September 12, 2007 2.26
Lan Ling Wang returns to save his family, only to end up becoming powerless and hunted by all demonic power-users, rumored that he turned against the Ye He Na La family. To make matters worse, Lan Ling Wang's family has been killed. Xia Mei asks help from her friends to find him. Ye Si Ren and Han move back into the Xia Lan Xing De family's house.
X-family27 Round 27 September 13, 2007 2.27
Xia Mei tries to impress Lan Ling Wang with several performances, but ends up getting ditched. Lan Ling Wang meets Han, whom he recognizes as his fiancee, but before he could say anything, she knocks him out. Meanwhile, the Ye He Na La family sends a messenger to the Xia Lan Xing De family for negotiation.
X-family28 Round 28 September 14, 2007 2.28
Meng Zhu (the ruler of the Iron Dimension) asks to have a meeting with Lan Ling Wang, but because no one knows what he truly wants with him, Xia Mei takes Lan Ling Wang away before Dong Cheng Wei have the chance to take him.
X-family29 Round 29 September 17, 2007 2.29
Bei Cheng Wei finally finds Lan Ling Wang, but before they can take him away, Xia Xiong appears with a fake order scroll to save him. Lan Ling Wang ends up living at the Xia Lan Xing De family's household. Xia Liu is so angry at the others for letting him stay that he moves out of the house. Meng Zhu calls and pays a visit to the Xia Lan Xing De family. At the end of the episode, Meng Zhu is revealed to be Jiu Wu: Ding Xiao Yu's alternate counterpart.
X-family30 Round 30 September 18, 2007 2.30
Jiu Wu visits the Xia Lan Xing De family and immediately becomes friends with them. Meanwhile, enjoying a "nice" dinner, a demonic lord comes to take Lan Ling Wang, but Jiu Wu and Xia Tian manage to chase him away. When Jiu Wu meets the band Dong Cheng Wei, Xiu finds out that Jiu Wu is the alternate counterpart of Xiao Yu. Xia Tian has a dream of Meng Zhu asking him to call out Gui Long to hit him 3 times, but Gui Long manages to knock out Meng Zhu with only 2 hits.
X-family31 Round 31 September 19, 2007 2.31
Jiu Wu tells Xia Tian and Lan Ling Wang that they both have the quality of becoming the Ultimate Iron Man. When Xia Tian hears that Lan Ling Wang's chance is bigger, he becomes depressed and wonders if he should give up to help Lan Ling Wang instead. However, Lan Ling Wang has no interest of becoming the Ultimate Iron Man, as he expresses that it was magic that got his family killed in the first place. In the meantime, they discover that Lan Ling Wang is the original power-user of lightning, which makes it important for him to restore his powers so he can transfer his element to Xia Tian.
X-family32 Round 32 September 20, 2007 2.32
Lan Ling Wang and the Xia Lan Xing De family gets attacked by an army of ants controlled by the Fire Ant Girl. Ye Si Ren begins to suspect that his father is still alive.
X-family33 Round 33 September 21, 2007 2.33
Xia Liu captures the Fire Ant Girl, and accuses Ye Si Ren and his father for having planned to marry his daughter and use their relationship to defeat them. Using order as the lord of the house, Xia Liu kicks Ye Si Ren, Lan Ling Wang and Han out of the house. In the meantime, Xia Yu develops a crush on the Fire Ant Girl.
X-family34 Round 34 September 24, 2007 2.34
Ye Si Ren gets a visit from his father in his dreams and starts acting strange since then. With everyone on Ye Si Ren's side, Xia Liu gives up his grudge against him. The Fire Ant Girl is killed by "Gui Long" while everyone was out.
X-family35 Round 35 September 25, 2007 2.35
To find out who the killer was, Xia Tian and Xia Yu use the surveillance tape that recorded the day the Fire Ant Girl was killed, but discover that "Gui Long" was the killer. Han also starts receiving visions of Lan Ling Wang's fiancee's moment when she was killed, and the killer was "Gui Long". To figure out the letter's meaning, Xiu goes to the Gold Dimension and visits Ye Si Ren's evil counterpart, Hei Long, to find answers.
X-family36 Round 36 September 26, 2007 2.36
Si Ren's father is determined to be alive and is possessing "Gui Long" to spread havoc. "Gui Long" goes to attack Xia Xiong, but she manages to protect herself. Han tells Xiu about "Gui Long" being the killer of Bing Xin, Lan Ling Wang's fiancee, but he eavesdrops on them and hears the news himself. When he determines that "Gui Long" is the killer, he decides to seek revenge.
X-family37 Round 37 September 27, 2007 2.37
Lan Ling Wang challenges Gui Long, but he gets easily defeated. After the battle, Xia Tian disappears out of sight and everybody spreads out to look for him. On Xia Mei's birthday, she gets possessed by Ye Si Ren's father and goes after Xia Xiong. But then Ren Chen Wen comes into the middle of things and ruins his plan. Afterward, Ren Chen Wen gets killed.
X-family38 Round 38 September 28, 2007 2.38
Lan Ling Wang seeks doctor Xia Gu to find out if there is any way to restore his powers to he can kill Gui Long. After a tragic event, everybody finds out that the "Gui Long" that has been causing trouble is really Zack, the alternate counterpart of Xia Tian from the Bronze Dimension.
X-family39 Round 39 October 1, 2007 2.39
Xiu, forcefully transfers his natural wind energy to Xia Tian. Xia Tian goes under the experiment to overpower Zack. Xia Xiong determines to use her gun, Wu Feng to amplify Xia Tian's power. However, if his heart is not pure, the results will be fatal. Xia Tian has a mental conversation with Gui Long about the serious situation, and makes him agree to temporarily let Xia Tian take over.
X-family40 Round 40 October 2, 2007 2.40
With some help from Xia Xiong, Jiu Wu's master - the Great Traveler, and finally Han; Xia Tian finally overpowers Zack and sends him back to his own dimension, and he gets the element of thunder to boot. Lan Ling Wang returns with a broken heart.
X-family41 Round 41 October 3, 2007 2.41
Han suddenly dances in front of Lan Ling Wang and makes him stay. In a long discussion, Xia Tian and his parents discover that Han and Bing Xin are actually twins. After Ye Si Ren gets a visit from his father, he decides to return to the Ye He Na La family and take on the role of the approval heir to find out what he is planning.
X-family42 Round 42 October 4, 2007 2.42
As the Extreme Day of Yin (also known as "Eclipse") comes closer, all power-users of good weaken while demons grow stronger. Everyone works together to protect their world from the invading demons. With Jiu Wu unable to support the force field that protects the Iron Dimension, Xia Tian becomes the substitute. Among the chaos, Dao Ba Jie Sen shows up at the Xia family's house to tell them his role of the event.
X-family43 Round 43 October 5, 2007 2.43
Because neither Jiu Wu or Xia Tian would have enough power to preserve the force field before the Extreme Day of Yin arrives, Lan Ling Wang is chosen by everyone to enter Mie and reclaim a piece of a mythological stone that will help them maintain the force field. However, the chances of his survival are slim.
X-family44 Round 44 October 8, 2007 2.44
Lan Ling Wang takes the magical stone back to his world. When Jiu Wu tries to use its magic, it infects him with dark energy and slowly turns him evil. Eventually the dark energy invades his mind and forces him to attack Xia Tian and Xiu, thus they are forced to lock him in Ye Si Ren's evil-repressing coffin which he used for sleeping while living at the Ass Pub.
X-family45 Round 45 October 9, 2007 2.45
The more Jiu Wu sleeps in the coffin, more of his male hormones are simulate. Ye Si Ren's father offers to help absorb the energy of the magical stone while possessing Xia Tian to use him as a shield. Because their options are running short, Xia Tian decides to take the offer. Ye Si Ren digs his way out of the Ye He Na La family's mark to warn his family about his father's master plan: to use him and Xia Tian to take over the world on the Extreme Day of Yin.
X-family46 Round 46 October 10, 2007 2.46
Everyone works together to prevent Ye Si Ren from getting possessed and Xia Tian's power from getting absorbed. However, Ye Xiong Ba (Ye Si Ren's father) manages to blow them off by making a clone of Ye Si Ren and abducting the real one before they notice anything.
X-family47 Round 47 October 11, 2007 2.47
The Extreme Day of Yin has finally arrived. As Ye Xiong Ba absorbs the dark energy to make him all-powerful, Lan Ling Wang learns a spell from his ancestor to stop his plan. The colliding of both spells gives further unpredicted results as Ye Xiong Ba dies from impact and Lan Ling Wang's powers return and Xia Yu comes into his own. But as the energy went back Mie, Xia Xiong disappears out of sight when the dark energy used her as a vessel.
X-family48 Round 48 October 12, 2007 2.48
Everyone does their best to find Xia Xiong, but their results come with no further progress. Xia Tian decides to join Dong Cheng Wei as the lead singer to follow his dreams. They learn from the Great Traveler, Jiu Wu's master, that Xia Xiong is trapped in the dimensional border. Xia Tian or Lan Ling Wang must become the Ultimate Iron Man to open the dimensional portal before they all forget about her.
X-family49 Round 49 October 15, 2007 2.49
They discover that Xia Yu is the original power-user of fire. Ye Si Ren finds out from his Ye Si Si that Han is not his daughter, but simply part of his father's conspiracy. When he is about to break the news to Xia Tian and Han, she suddenly faints and hears painful cries of Bing Xin. This proves that Bing Xin is still alive.
X-family50 Round 50 October 16, 2007 2.50
Han falls into a coma as her connection to Bing Xin increases. Everyone does their best to rescue Bing Xin in order to save them both. Eventually they find out that she is trapped in a dimension called "Black Matter", and Xia Tian, Lan Ling Wang, Jiu Wu and Xiu break into that dimension to rescue her. However, their chance to succeed is slim.
X-family51 Round 51 October 17, 2007 2.51
Because Bing Xin's demonization is interrupted, she begins to die slowly. In order to help Bing Xin and Lan Ling Wang spend more time together, Han willingly borrows her her life force for three days. Xia Mei becomes touched by their love and throws a wedding ceremony for Lan Ling Wang and Bing Xin.
X-family52 Round 52 October 18, 2007 2.52
Bing Xin and Lan Ling Wang say goodbye to each other. The images of Xia Xiong and her children begin to fade away one after another. Lan Ling Wang finds a dangerous method to transfer his element of lightning to Xia Tian. Jiu Wu convinces his master to help them transfer his element of rain and Xia Yu's element of fire to Xia Tian.
X-family53 Round 53 October 19, 2007 2.53
Xia Tian has finally collected all five elemental powers, but during the transfer, the King of Guns came in and attacked him and left behind a deadly hand print on his chest. Everyone works together to find out how to make the hand print disappear before Xia Tian dies from its power.
X-family54 Round 54 October 22, 2007 2.54
The Great Traveler decides to help by using his strongest attack to break the hand print. The experiment works and Xia Tian finally becomes the legendary Ultimate Iron Man. But when he tries to open the dimensional portal, he ends up erupting the balance of the worlds and taking away the magic of everything. Xia Tian and the others discover that the Great Traveler is actually the King of Guns. Because of the balance disruption, the Fire Ambassador is approaching to bring an end to their world.
X-family55 Final Round October 23, 2007 2.55
Knowing that the Fire Ambassador is approaching, everyone enjoys their last day together. Xia Tian, Lan Ling Wang, Jiu Wu, Xia Yu, Xiu, Han and the rest of Dong Cheng Wei combine their powers to fight the Fire Ambassador in an ultimate battle. The fate of the world lies in their hands.


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The X-Family preview

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