The Great Traveler / The King of Guns
The Great Traveler
The God of Guns
Chinese Name 神行者 / 槍靈王 (Shen Xing Zhe / Qiang Ling Wang)
Full Name N/A
Role Support character
Gender Male(s)
Species Half-breed
Aura Yellow
Abilities Teleportation, super-speed
Special abilities Shen Xing Jiu Bu, Shen Xing Jiu Zhuan, Shen Zhi, Hua Gu Rou Quan & personality switch
Weapons Wu Feng
Status Deceased
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts Guan Yu (The Silver Dimension)
First Appearance Round 40, The X-Family
Portrayed by George Hu

The Great Traveler (神行者) was Jiu Wu's master, and was known as a very powerful power-user of good with shiny teeth that can blind anyone. He was nearly 200 years old, but had the appearance of a 20-something year-old man.

The King of Guns Edit

The Great Traveler and the King of Guns (槍靈王) were legendary warriors, known by others as good friends. However, they were in fact the same person, with the Great Traveler as the good half and the King of Guns as the evil half. The Great Traveler never knew anything about the King of Guns being a part of him until Xia Tian and Jiu Wu figured it out. The King of Guns used his tricks to make the balance of the universe run out of control in attempt to become the dormant personality by making Xia Tian and the others figure out his true existence. In the end, the Great Traveler sacrificed himself for the sake of the world, dying with the King of Guns within him. His death restored order to the Iron Dimension.


  • Jiu Wu called him "Shi Fu" (師父 / Master).
  • Xia Tian and Xia Liu called him "Shen Xing Zhe Lao Qian Bei" (神行者老前辈 / Senior Great Traveler).



The Great Traveler was so powerful his abilities were god-like. Even the most powerful demons had to pay him respect.

Shen Xing Jiu Bu (神行九步)Edit

His specialty was "Shen Xing Jiu Bu" (神行九步), an ability that he rarely used, but had very powerful effects. It also allowed him to travel freely between space, similar to super-speeding, but much more powerful and faster.

Shen Xing Jiu Zhuan (神行九轉)Edit

His second ability was "Shen Xing Jiu Zhuan" (神行九轉), which indicated the ability to create illusions and to alter energy movements in a powerful vortex. It came very handy in energy transfer.

God's Finger (神指)Edit

"God's Finger" (神指) was a passive ability to give people information when they least suspect it, such as giving them directions to a certain place when they watch a TV commercial or see it in an advertisement on a newspaper.

Hua Gu Rou Quan (化骨柔全)Edit

"Hua Gu Rou Quan" (化骨柔全) was an active attack that indicated one hit seen by the naked eye corresponding two-hundred and eighty hits at the same time. It was an attacking ability that the Great Traveler never used, because he disliked violence.


Wu Feng (烏風)Edit

The gun "Wu Feng" (烏風) was originally in his evil half's possession, but he passed it on to Xia Xiong years ago.

Although not technically considered a weapon, his teeth are extremely shiny, to the point where he can blind others with them.

Alternate CounterpartEdit

The Silver Dimension Edit

Guan Yu

Guan Yu

The Great Traveler's alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension is Guan Yu who is the strongest of the Five Tiger Generals, who serve as guardians to Dong Han Academy.