Chinese: 金筆點龍
Pronunciation: Jin Bi Dian Long


It is a magical fortune-telling manga series with special powers and predicts important events of the past, the present and the future. It was written by a mysterious man in named Jin Bi Ke (金筆客), who disappeared 30 years ago. Whoever reads it must be pure of heart (evil or good), otherwise it will make the reader suffer from headaches and/or some afterward side effects. Those who have read it (even those who suffer side-effects) dare not to speak of its prediction. There are eight volumes, which foretell the battles in the past and the present; and also the final battle between the approaching dark force and the KO fighters.

The X-FamilyEdit

In The X-Family, a ninth volume named Space-Time Door (時空之門) was published, in which foretold the Iron Dimension's end and everyone's effort prove failure.