Fire Ambassador
Fire Ambassador
Chinese Name 火焰使者
(Huo Yan Shi Zhe)
Role Special guest, neutral character
Gender Male
Species Species unidentified
Aura Fiery yellow and orange
Abilities Unlimited pyrokinesis, teleportation
Special abilities Yan Yang Zhi Lie Wan Wu Gui Yi
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World N/A
Alternate counterpart(s) Tian Hong Guang (The Gold Dimension)
First Appearance Round 54, The X-Family
Portrayed by Wu Chun

The Fire Ambassador (火焰使者) is a universal executor who stops chaos and restores balance to a dimension, presumably good by nature. Whenever a dimension runs amok, he will appear to annihilate all the evil with his power of fire. However, that would also mean that he will eliminate everything that lives in that dimension and make the circle of life start over again. No one can stop him, not even the Ultimate Iron Man (終極鐵克人).

Before he arrives, every power-user will have a prophetic dream of his coming, be they powerful or weak.

Battle of the Iron DimensionEdit

His order to eliminate the Iron Dimension is altered to annihilating two third evil people in that world after the balance was restored, however, Xia Tian still insists to fight him in order to protect his world and those in it. As the final and most powerful antagonist to be faced in The X-Family, Xia Tian, the band of Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛), and the five original power-users (原位異能行者) confront him in a huge battle. Though he easily overpowers them, he is persuaded by the good in their hearts and decides to leave the Iron Dimension alone, despite he might receives some punishment from his superiors.


Xia Tian called him "Huo Yan" (火焰 / Flame).


As the fire ambassador, all of his powers are fire-based. He can conjure up a powerful fire attack that has enough energy to destroy everything within a planet at once (焱煬炙烈 萬物歸一).

The Fire Ambassador can also shield himself with flames that protect him from other's attacks.

When he travels to a world, he is covered in a flying fireball.

He can also absorb Xia Yu's fire, even when he doesn't have powers.

Alternate CounterpartEdit

Tian Hong Guang

Tian Hong Guang

The Gold DimensionEdit

Although the Fire Ambassador lives beyond space and time, he does have an alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension: Tian Hong Guang, who is the most legendary KO Fighter - KO One.