Chinese: 銅時空
Pronunciation: Tong Shi Kong

The Bronze Dimension is one of twelve dimensions that co-exist in the universe. It is the home world of Zack. This is the only world where Angel 'N' Devil series takes place.

Unlike the Iron Dimension, it is mentioned to have been corrupted by the forces darkness and all of its inhabitants have either been killed or turned evil.

When the Iron Dimension won their battle against the darkness, the other dimensions started to brighten by this event and eventually this dimension was freed from the clutches of evil.

There are two types of Demons in this dimension, one is Day Crawler (日行者, Ri Xing Zhe), and the other is Night Crawler (夜行者, Ye Xing Zhe). Night Crawler can only be active at night while Day Crawler can only be active at either day or night. The kingdoms of each of these groups are named Purebred Day Crawler (純種日行者, Chun Zhong Ri Xing Zhe) and Purebred Night Crawler (純種夜行者, Chun Zhong Ye Xing Zhe). Day Crawler is stronger than Night Crawler, but Purebred Night Crawler is stronger than Purebred Day Crawler. After the King of Purebred Night Crawler was perished, Purebred Night Crawler disappeared, and all Purebred Night Crawlers were having a degeneration to Night Crawler.

The Demons or different Crawlers/Walkers in this dimension does not go after absorbing powers, instead they go after people's blood to increase their powers. Once they tasted blood, it becomes an addiction, unless with perseverance or motivation is mostly likely the person gets addicted.

When Liu Bei went missing in the 28th Round, it is revealed that the twelve dimensions are separated into the x, y and z plane. The Bronze Dimension belongs to the x-plane.

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