Tao Zi / Bai Linda
Tao Zi & Bai Linda
Chinese Name 桃子 & 白琳達
Role Minor characters
KO Rank 14th / 15th
Gender Females
Species Power-users
Aura N/A
Battle Level N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities N/A
Weapons N/A
Status: Alive
Home World The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance Episode 1, KO One
Portrayed by Wang Huai Xuan (王懷萱) & Ke Tian Bei (柯天貝)

Tao Zi (桃子) and Bai Linda (白琳達) are the 14th and 15th ranked fighters on the KO Ranking Record. They are the resident followers Sha Jie, who is one position above them.

They remained in the class after Sha Jie's departure until Wang Da Dong got attacked by Hei Long's minion and they were suddenly written off in the middle of the show for no reason.


Initially, Bai Linda had a crush on Lei Ke Si, but she lost that feeling after finding out that he was evil.

Top 10 KO
KO 1: Tian Hong Guang | KO 2: Lei Ke Si | KO 3: Wang Da Dong/Wang Ya Se | KO 4: Ding Xiao Yu | KO 5: Tong Da You
KO 7: Cai Yun Han | KO 9: Cai Yi Ling
KO 11: Da Li Jun | KO 13: Sha Jie | KO 14: Tao Zi | KO 15: Bai Linda | KO 19: Zhong Quan
KO 21: Tian Cai Xiao Diao Shou | KO 22: Bing Qi Lin | KO 23: Na Lu Wan Zai | KO 24: Xuan Wo Ming Ren | KO 25: Bing Qi Bu
KO 26: Kua Ke Brothers | KO 27: Guai Yi Bo Shi | KO 28: Zang San Feng
KO 135: Jin Bao San | KO 150: Elementary Student