Shi Zhong Jian

Sword in the Stone

Chinese: 石中劍
Pronunciation: Shi Zhong Jian
Damage: +6
Defense: +4
Speed: 5

A little sword attached to a stone, reclaimed from the spiritual world. The sword was created by the legendary wizard Merlin who made it with 1000 year mountain and mastered by King Arthur.

The notable users of these two weapons are Wang Ya Se and Hei Long.

Special PowersEdit

It has the power to enhance its user's abilities and also produce powerful sonic screams, but at the same time it will make its user a cold-blooded killer. There are originally two swords, and if these two are gathered, they will have the power to make one of the users the most powerful lord of evil in the world. It has a natural ability to killing cruelly

For a time, it was kept under control by a Sword-Locking Stone (鎖劍石).