Su Huan Zhen1

Su Huan Needle II

Su Huan Zhen III

Su Huan Zhen III

Chinese: 速還針
Pronunciation: Su Huan Zhen


Su huan needle
A needle capable of killing by spreading into thousand of little needles once it plunges into someone's body. This weapon was invented by Ceng Mei Hao to fight people on powerful levels. Wu Shi Wu (武屍無) is the user of this weapon. It was developed into a new version by the time Wu Shi Wu attacked Da Dong with it.

It can be controlled by a remote.

The X-FamilyEdit

A new generation was developed in The X-Family.

While the last generation only takes a life when it is activated by a remote, the new generation kills the target immediately after it plunges into a body.

This was used by Han when she became a Stone Hearted Assasin. She used it to kill Xia Tian but, failed. Later on, Xia Tian uses it to kill himself but, also failed. Instead the needle stopped Gui Long from taking control of the powers of Mie, and subsequently stopped himself from becoming a demon.