Chinese: 安魂曲
Pronunciation: An Hun Qu

The Soul Calming Melody (安魂曲) is a magical melody created by the Ye He Na La Family.

Its usage is first introduced in the 32nd Round of K.O.3an Guo.

The melody has the ability to restore an individual's power after it was stripped away by the Soul Cleansing Melody; however, it must be performed within 24 hours after the Soul Cleansing Melody was used. Should the performer stop midway, he will lose his soul to the scroll. However, when the melody starts, it will provoke demons and demonic power-users in range and lure them to their location to stop the melody from finishing by giving them a sense that its draining their powers.

It was later found out that this melody can also restore a person's demonic powers and nature. The specifications of how this is done is not revealed.

Should the performer fail to finish the melody, he will need to amplify its power to the point of 80000 in order to make a second and final experiment.

Rules of playing Soul Calming Melody :

  1. The person who plays this melody cannot go off beat, pause, or get replaced by another person when playing the melody. If not, the performer will die.
  2. The fighting points of the performer must be comparable to the person being played to. If not, the performer will lose his soul.

Aside from this melody, there are also the Soul Collecting Melody (蒐魂曲) and the Soul Cleansing Melody (洗魂曲).

History Edit

Sometime after the end of The X-Family, the scroll was obtained by the Xia Lan Xing De family.

In the 25th Round, Xia Liu brought it to the Silver Dimension under Jiu Wu's request to assist Xiu in his battles against demons. Xiu later uses it to restore Guan Yu's powers.

Ye Si Ti, with the help of his uncle Ye Xiong Feng, restored his demonic powers 17 years ago, and kept it a secret in order to reclaim his position as head of the Ye He Na La family.

Sometime in between 50th and 53rd Rounds, a new, powered-up version of the Soul Cleansing Melody was created, called the "Soul Killing Poem". It has the same power as the original counterpart, but it is also created to restrict the Soul Calming Melody's power, thus permanently strips away a person's powers without any possibility of ever regaining them.

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