KO One

KO One (終極一班)

KO One (終極一班, pronounced: Zhōng jí yī bān) is the first story of the chains, featuring a society of teenage trouble-makers and a world of violence. It was aired between November 2005 and April 2006. This series features the first main lead of Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan as well as the first appearance of Wu Chun and the spread popularity of the then-impopular Fahrenheit.

As the series moves forward, the story begins to take on a supernatural road.

After this series ended, two sequels followed: The X-Family and K.O.3an Guo; a third sequel KO One Return was released in December, 2012; it releases a continuation of the first series, with only Jiro returning as the main lead.

Profile Edit

Chinese title: 終極一班 / Zhōng Jí Yī Bān
English title: KO One
Broadcst Network: GTV
Broadcast Period: November 26, 2005 - April 15, 2006
Air time: 22:30 - 23:30
Genre: School, fantasy, gangster, comedy, action, romance
Opening theme: Zhong Ji Yi Ban (終極一班) by Tank
Ending theme: Gei Wo Ni De Ai (給我你的愛) by Tank
Soundtrack: KO One OST
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: The X-Family
Official website: GTV Homepage

Synopsis Edit

The Ultimate Class is a class designed specifically for students who have been rejected by other high schools for trouble-making. The strongest student, Wang Da Dong acts as their leader and everyone in that class is bound to answer to him. When a gangster leader's son, Wang Ya Se; and the legendary king of fighters, Ding Xiao Yu join the class, they become best pals out of some fruitous events. The three of them are top five KO Ranked fighters with extraordinary powers, which attracts more trouble as more people come to challenge them. Among one of them is Da Dong's childhood best friend, Lei Ke Si, who has been pretending to be a weak and kind-hearted boy to hide the fact that he is also one of the top 5 KO Ranked fighters. Ya Se is the first to figure out his true identity and intentions, but because Da Dong thinks of Lei Ke Si as his best friend, he refuses to believe him. And after various mischiefs lead to Ya Se being the culprit, his friendship with Da Dong turns hostile.

Aside from the every day challenges, the trio also face problems in their personal lives, as Xiao Yu falls in love with Da Dong's girlfriend, Huang An Qi, and their loyalty is put on trial.

After going through these events, the last thing they need is to face off their ultimate enemy, who has been building his power by collecting minions and destroying powerful martial artists. In the end, Da Dong, Ya Se, Xiao Yu, and their returned friend, Lei Ke Si, all work together to defeat their enemy, Hei Long, but lose their powers in the process.

Main CastEdit

Image Actor Character
Wang Da Dong Jiro Wang (汪東城) Wang Da Dong (汪大東)
Wang Ya Se Calvin Chen (辰亦儒) Wang Ya Se (王亞瑟)
Ding Xiao Yu Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) Ding Xiao Yu (丁小雨)
Lei Ke Si Danson Tang (唐禹哲) Lei Ke Si (雷克斯)

Former main castEdit

Image Actor Character
Huang An Qi Stephanie Lee (李妹研) Huang An Qi (黃安琪)
Tian Xin Melody (殷悦) Tian Xin (田欣)
Sha Jie Sunnie Huang (黄小柔) Sha Jie (煞姊)

Production CreditsEdit

  • Producers: Chen Zhi Han 陳芷涵 / Wang Xin Gui 王信貴 / Liu Xing 劉行
  • Director: Liao Fei Hong 廫猆鴻
  • Screenwriters: Qi Yang Lin 齊鍚麟 / Lan Jin Xiang 藍今翔

Episode ListEdit

Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Episode 1 November 26, 2005 1.01
This story begins with Wang Ya Se (KO 3) and Ding Xiao Yu (KO 4) joining the Ultimate Class led by Wang Da Dong (KO 3), and trouble begins from here.
Koone02 Episode 2 December 3, 2005 1.02
After a day of overcoming troubles together, Da Dong, Ya Se and Xiao Yu become best friends. Da Dong promises his homeroom teacher to avoid getting into fights and make sure to get the rest of the class into college.
Koone03 Episode 3 December 10, 2005 1.03
The homeroom teacher gets kidnapped by her little brother's former teacher, who's become a total psycho. The class now works together to find their teacher. Da Dong's childhood best friend, Lei Ke Si, returns.
Koone04 Episode 4 December 17, 2005 1.04
The class find out that Lei Ke Si has gone poor and is working in a pub, and they all decide to help get him out. However, Ya Se suspects something strange from Lei Ke Si and decides to go on a private investigation afterward.
Koone05 Episode 5 December 24, 2005 1.05
Ya Se finds out that Lei Ke Si is actually the owner of the pub he was presumably working at and revealed himself as KO 2 - the second strongest fighter on the KO Rank. Lei Ke Si plays mischievous tricks on Ya Se and almost gets him and Da Dong into a fight. Though they stop, their friendship is broken. Ya Se leaves the school the promise "I'll be back."
Koone06 Episode 6 December 31, 2005 1.06
Huang An Qi, a girl from Da Dong and Lei Ke Si's past returns to Taiwan and joins their class. Xiao Yu believes Ya Se's innocence and decides to keep on eye on Lei Ke Si to find a way to prove his innocence.
Koone07 Episode 7 January 7, 2006 1.07
Lei Ke Si tries to steal An Qi's heart by attacking their homeroom teacher and letting Da Dong think that An Qi is responsible. However, the teacher proves her innocence. When An Qi reveals the reason to why she likes Da Dong so much, Lei Ke Si decides to take on full action - to kill both Da Dong and An Qi.
Koone08 Episode 8 January 14, 2006 1.08
Lei Ke Si's identity as KO 2 is finally revealed to everyone. After he leaves, An Qi feels responsible for causing the rivalry between Lei Ke Si and Da Dong and decides to leave. Meanwhile, Lei Ke Si's revelation proves Ya Se's innocence and he returns to school. Da Dong, with some help from Ya Se and Xiao Yu, works up his courage to tell An Qi his true feelings for her.
Koone09 Episode 9 January 21, 2006 1.09
There's something going on with Xiao Yu; he is extremely interested in matters about An Qi. Also, the homeroom teacher is dating a seventeen year old college student. This episode is filled with love blooming.
Koone10 Episode 10 January 28, 2006 1.10
The teacher's relationship with her boyfriend makes Da Dong jealous and starts causing trouble in the class to upset her. Though everyone tries to reason with him, he refuses to listen.
Koone11 Episode 11 February 4, 2006 1.11
An Qi feels upset over Da Dong's mixed-up feelings with Miss Tian and runs to Xiao Yu for comfort. Meanwhile, Da Dong finds out that his teacher's boyfriend is trying to reconnect with his birth mother and decides to help with the entire class.
Koone12 Episode 12 February 11, 2006 1.12
After Da Dong find out that Xiao Yu has given his cellphone number to An Qi, he finds out that Xiao Yu is also in love with her. This causes a serious relationship problem between the two best friends. Meanwhile, a new mystical force appears.
Koone13 Episode 13 February 18, 2006 1.13
The trio work together to protect everyone from the mysterious force. Xiao Yu breaks his left hand in battle. The team figures out that one of the enemies they encounter is their teacher's supposedly dead little brother, who is also KO 1 - the strongest fighter on the KO Rank.
Koone14 Episode 14 February 25, 2006 1.14
The three boys realize that their enemy's target is really their teacher because she has potential to become a very powerful warrior. Da Dong's parents' team take her to safety. Meanwhile, Da Dong gets attacked. Da Dong's parents manage to store a device to protect him from the needle was injected within him by the enemy. An Qi returns to America. Da Dong finds out about her leaving a week after she left and runs out to question Xiao Yu and the needle reacts immediately.
Koone15 Episode 15 March 4, 2006 1.15
Da Dong's parents manage to save him on time and take him to a secret hospital for safety. Da Dong's parents and Ya Se and Xiao Yu figure out a way to remove the needle stored inside of Da Dong. Xiao Yu and Da Dong put the past behind them and become friends again.
Koone16 Episode 16 March 11, 2006 1.16
Two sisters arrive at the school: Cai Yun Han (KO 7) and Cai Wu Xiong, who is extremely interested in Ya Se. Meanwhile, their friend Duan Chang Ren becomes their homeroom teacher.
Koone17 Episode 17 March 18, 2006 1.17
Duan Chang Ren presents to the Ultimate Class the legendary comic series: The Golden Pen Touches the Dragon. In the meantime, the Sword-Locking Stone on Ya Se's sword breaks for no apparent reason. Duan Chang Ren discovers something strange about the principal.
Koone18 Episode 18 March 25, 2006 1.18
Ya Se's sword is starting to take him over, and Wu Xiong claims that she is the only person who can help him. But in exchange, he must to become her man. And his answer to this news is "I'd rather die than let you save me".
Koone19 Episode 19 April 1, 2006 1.19
Ya Se throws away his weapon as his last resort to free him from the sword's control, but it returns and almost takes over him. Ji An reveals his identity as the Demon Fighter and attempts to vanquish Ya Se, but the other warriors arrive on time to stop him. At the last moment, Wu Xiong gives him her most valuable possession - the Bear Pearl.
Koone20 Episode 20 April 8, 2006 1.20
Ya Se learns that Wu Xiong is aging to death by the loss of the Bear Pearl, and confirms that she is his girlfriend in order to make him fall in love with her and able to return the pearl. Lei Ke Si returns just as Duan Chang Ren and Da Dong's parents are captured by their ultimate enemy, Hei Long - leader of the Martial Arts Syndicate.
Koone21 Episode 21 April 15, 2006 1.21
Lei Ke Si gives them information to defeat their enemy, Hei Long. Ya Se finally returns the Bear Pearl to Wu Xiong and the sword's essence takes over him again. Hei Long uses Ya Se as a pawn to become the evil lord of the world. But Da Dong, Ya Se, Xiao Yu and Lei Ke Si work together and finally defeat him. But at expense of their powers.


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