Ji An
Ba Mo Zhan Shi
Chinese Name 技安
Role Support character
KO Rank 50+
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura Orange
Battle Level Unknown
Abilities Inhuman Strength
Special abilities Demonic essence repression
Weapons Ba Mo Zhan
Status: Alive
Home World The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance KO One
Portrayed by Andy Gong (龔繼安)

Ji An (技安) is a boy member of the Ultimate Class and one of Jin Bao San's followers.


KO OneEdit

In the initial episodes, he seems like a playful school boy who hangs out with Jin Bao San's "gang" and doesn't seem to have much fighting skills. But as the story progresses, his attitude and personality suddenly change, making him a more serious character. When Ya Se begins to get possessed by the sword demon, Ji An reveals himself as a "Demon Fighter" (拔魔戰士), whose mission is to kill evil whenever it surfaces.

KO One Return Edit

Ji An, along with the rest of the Ultimate Class - with the exception of Jin Bao San - all when missing when Da Dong time-traveled to ten years later due to an unknown cause.

Angel 'N' Devil Edit

20 years after the history was reset by Lei Ting and and Wan Jun, Ji An landed in Bronze Dimension under the order of his Dimension Leader for a new mission.

Personality Edit

Because he was taught never to let his feelings cloud his judgment and affect the outcome of his mission, his sharp focus to kill the evil that lurks inside of Ya Se's body often puts his loyalty to Da Dong on test.

Other than killing evils, he declares protecting the class as his second mission.

Since his path is different, his name does not exist amongst the KO Ranked fighters. However, Da Dong once states that his KO Rank is around 50+.


  • "Cool Man" / "Cool Man Ji An" by Xiao La.


Love LifeEdit

  • Cai Yun Han
    Ever since Cai Yun Han found out that he was a demon fighter, she has been falling for him, but his cold behavior put them in an awkward stage of relationship. But he does not deny that he has feelings to Yun Han himself. Once, Yun Han whipped him with her Pain Killing Truth Whip and he didn't deny that he likes her.

Specialty Edit

Powers Edit

Like many characters, he displays the ability of super-speeding.

In addiiton, he can suppress evil essences with his power of a demon fighter, but that method is only temporary and once the power wears off, the evil essences become ten times stronger than they were before.

Ba Mo Zhan

Ba Mo Zhan (拔魔斬)

Weapon Edit

Ba Mo Zhan (拔魔斬)Edit

Ji An utilizes a powerful axe called "Ba Mo Zhan" (拔魔斬 / Demon Ripping Axe), a weapon reclaimed from the spiritual realm and is mainly used for killing evil.

Before Ji An revealed the axe, he wielded another weapon - a sword made of bamboo used for kendo training. It disappeared after Ji An revealed his true identity.

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