Iron Imperial Army

The Iron Imperial Army (鐵克禁衛軍)

Chinese: 鐵克禁衛軍
Pinyin: Tie Ke Jin Wei Jun

The Iron Imperial Army is an army consisted of powerful power-users trained in defense for the Iron Dimension's safety. They consist of four underground music bands: "Dong Cheng Wei" (東城衛), "Nan Cheng Wei" (南城衛), "Xi Cheng Wei" (西城衛) and "Bei Cheng Wei" (北城衛), in which Dong Cheng Wei is the front line. The Iron Imperial Army's alerting decides are installed in every power-user's family as a communication system, with special sound waves that only allow power-users to recieve messages.


Jiu Wu is the current leader of this army, often referred to "meng zhu" (盟主), as well as ruler of the magical society.


Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛)Edit

Dong Cheng Wei is the head battle group of the Iron Imperial Army, better known as the front line and the only group that appears in the show.

  • Xiu - Leader and lead guitarist.
  • Deng - Guitarist.
  • Ming - Drummer.
  • Jie - Guitarist.
  • Xia Tian - Lead vocalist. Became the lead vocalist after a Chord was promoted.

Note: Dong Cheng Wei is a band that exists in real life.

Nan Cheng Wei (南城衛)Edit

Nan Cheng Wei is the second battle group of the Iron Imperial Army.

Because this group had never appeared on-screen, nothing is known about it nor its members.

Xi Cheng Wei (西城衛)Edit

Xi Cheng Wei is the third group of the Iron Imperial Army.

Bei Cheng Wei (北城衛)Edit

The fourth group of the Iron Imperial Army. Though its population is under Dong Cheng Wei, they are known to be good at locating people. a Chord was a member of Dong Cheng Wei before he was promoted to Bei Cheng Wei's leader.

  • a Chord - New leader. (Promoted after the previous leader was killed by Xia Tian's counterpart, Zack )


The Iron DimensionEdit

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