Chinese: 冰箍咒
Pronunciation: Bing Gu Zhou


A necklace created with ice that can only be obtained every three centuries on the top mountain in the North Pole. When the wearer puts it on and calls out the words "Bing Qi Lin" (冰淇淋), it will automatically make the wearer feel the temperature of negative 600 degrees. It is first shown when Doctor Xia Gu gives it to Gui Feng, and tricks him into putting it on, sealing him like the Feng Long Patch (封龍貼).


冰箍咒是北極的冰山老妖的物品,由每三百年在北極最高的山頂上自動形成的冰露所串集而成,而且要佩戴者說出他的Key Point:「冰 淇 淋」才能發揮其功用。當它開啟時所佩帶的人會受到零下600度的超低溫,是醫仙帶來以壓制鬼鳳的火的原位異能的秘密武器。