Long Wen Ao

Dragon Tattooed Pan

Chinese: 龍紋鏊
Pronunciation: Long Wen Ao
Damage: +N
Defense: +10
Speed: 4


Wang Da Dong's primary weapon in the form of a silver cooking pan. It was once borrowed by Xia Tian.

It is colored in silver and has dragon patterns covered all over it and a pearl in the center.

Special PropertiesEdit

It has the power to enhance its master's powers and produce special attacks. On occasions, it can also provide regenerating energy to revive its master. In The X-Family, it is also revealed to be spiritual and can make others its new masters if it wants to, and also has the power to keep its user's strength in tact, keeping him strong even after a fierce battle. This weapon belonged to the famous assassin Li Ao in the 3 kingdom era. The legend goes that this weapon was made of white dragon scale with fortified metal and has a life of its own. Like Han's Jing Lei (驚雷), it can return to its master if it gets lost. But if it's lost in a place where it can't return, the user will rapidly lose his strength and possibly die.

According to Da Dong, it is merely a cooking pan, which can utilize it's special ability to cook very delicious food