Chinese: 東城衛

Dong Cheng Wei (東城衛)

Pronunciation: Dong Cheng Wei

Dong Cheng Wei is an underground music group with members on high levels of supernatural powers. They serve as part of the Iron Imperial Army that protects the Iron Dimension from dark magic and demons.

In KO One, they only appear as cameos who travel to the Gold Dimension to help Wang Da Dong sharpen his powers while their origins are unknown, but in The X-Family their origins are revealed and their roles are enlarged.

In K.O.3an Guo, their leader, Xiu, takes on the identity of Liu Bei and the group makes a performance in episode 3 to watch him.

Members Edit

  • Xiu - Leader / Lead guitarist
  • Deng - Bassist
  • Ming - Drummer
  • Jie - Guitarist

Former members Edit

  • A Chord - Former lead vocalist. Moved on to being Bei Cheng Wei's leader.
  • Xia Tian - Lead vocalist. He joined the team after a Chord was promoted.
  • Qiu - Former guitarist who only appeared in KO One.

Allies Edit

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Real Life Edit

Dong Cheng Wei is in fact a music band in real life, with the exact same members.

History Edit

They were originally formed by Jiro Wang, Shu Chen and the other members as an underground band when they were in high school, originally named as Karma. Its name was changed to DJ-WIS (Deng, Jiro, Will, Iyhon and Shu).

The band once disbanded due to their respective problems to perform. They reunited in 2007, with the exception of Qiu who became replaced by Shu's brother, Jie. They officially participated in the series of The X-Family with A Chord as their honorary guest, and so arose their popularity, mostly thanks to Jiro's success in his career.

The current band title is a dedication of saying "Dong Cheng's Band" ('Dong Cheng' is Jiro Wang's Chinese name).

2009 Edit

In 2009, Pets Ceng, the actress of Sun Shang Xiang performed their songs, Gou Ai (夠愛) and Lei Le (淚了) as their honorary guest.


  • Of all members, Xiu is the one that changes roles statuses the most, as his character develops from cameo in KO One to supporting character in The X-Family; and finally main character in K.O.3an Guo.

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