Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter
Chinese Name 斬魔獵士 (Zhan Yao Lie Shi)
Full Name N/A
Role Support character
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura N/A
Abilities Spellcasting
Special abilities Smelling demons and demonic power-users
Weapons Kou Yao Zhan
Status Alive
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts Jia Yong (The Gold Dimension)

Lu Bo She (The Silver Dimension)

First Appearance Round 17, The X-Family
Portrayed by Xia Jing Ting

The Demon Hunter (斬魔獵士) is a friend of Xia Liu. The black line under his nose resembles the nose of a dog.

He is a big eater, and therefore Xia Xiong's cooking is one of his favorites. During free time, he likes to hang out with Xia Liu and Jiu Lai on a mountain where they could talk in private, whether personal or professional subjects.


Powers Edit

Demon Hunter displays abilities of super-speeding, telepathic communication and spellcasting.

He is known for being good at tracking evils by smelling their scents, although sometimes he can get distracted by the smell of food.

Kou Yao Zhan

Kou Yao Zhan

Weapon Edit

He utilizes an axe called "Kou Yao Zhan" that has the power to neutralize "demonic power-users".

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

Jia Yong

Jia Yong

The Gold Dimension Edit

The Demon Hunter has an alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension named Jia Yong, who works as a school dean at Da Dong's school and has no special powers of his own.

The Silver Dimension Edit

He has another alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension called Lu Bo She who is friend to Cao Cao's father.