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Pronunciation: Dao Pian Ji Hua


To take over the world, the Master (老掌門) of the Ye He Na La family did an experiment to create an army of people and control them with the supreme ring (至尊戒) that can only be worn by the head of the family. The people who were created by this experiment are called "Blade" (刀片).

Like the Stone-Hearted Assassin (石心殺手), they are usually harmless and unaware of their true identities. But when someone uses the supreme ring to activate them, they will become senseless robots and do whatever the wearer tells them to. This conspiracy became a myth to most people, and only the head of the family and those who were involved in the experiment knew the conspiracy's existence. Han and Bing Xin are two of the people who were made in this experiment. After the destruction of the supreme ring, the created people were freed and remained unaware of their true identities.

Appendices Edit

葉赫那啦老掌門:葉赫那啦.雄霸數年來秘密以生化基因複製工程,製造出很多基因裡,灌注聽從葉赫那啦掌門命令的人,他們就像刀片一樣,小而鋒利、平時不用 則已、但等到必要的時刻一到,他們就成了,防不勝防的致命武器。 其成員人數不明,但劇中的韓克拉瑪.寒、韓克拉瑪.冰心及劇中巷口賣水煎包老劉他兒子阿飛皆是成員之一。