Bing Xin
Bing Xin
Chinese Name 冰心
Full Name Han Ke La Ma Bing Xin
Role Support character
Gender Female
Species Artificial half-breed/Original Power-user of Thunder
Aura N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities Telepathic connection to Han
Weapons N/A
Status Deceased
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts Cai Yun Han (The Gold Dimension) & Da Qiao (The Silver Dimension)
First Appearance Round 26, The X-Family (flashback)
Portrayed by Cai Han Cen

Han Ke La Ma Bing Xin (韓克拉瑪‧冰心), shortened Bing Xin (冰心), was Han's "twin sister". They were originally the same person, but were divided in two by one of Xia Tian's paternal grandfather's experiments to make a conspiracy; which made them identical twins. She was also Lan Ling Wang's fiancée and eventually wife.



When Bing Xin was five years old, her mother abandoned her and moved away with Han. She stayed and grew up in the Ye He Na La family's landmark ever since then.

The X-FamilyEdit

Assassination Edit

The Master ordered her to kill Lan Ling Wang in order to prevent him from lifting the curse put upon him, but because she was already in love with him, she could not bear to do it, and was therefore killed by the assassin Zack, who was Xia Tian's alternate counterpart from the Bronze Dimension.

Visions of Her PastEdit

During Bing Xin's absence, Han received multiple visions of her past - mostly her happy moments with Lan Ling Wang. It was through these visions that they discovered that Han and Bing Xin were really twins.

Rescue Mission Edit

Everybody believed that she was dead for most of the episodes until Han started hearing her cry for help, and realized that she was being held in a dark dimension where power-users convert into demons. They managed to break into that dimension and reclaim her body and soul. However, because her transformation was interrupted midway, she began to die slowly.

Final Days Edit

In order to let Bing Xin spend more time with Lan Ling Wang, Han lent her her life force for three days, which was when the life force must be returned, or else she would die in Bing Xin's place. Though Lan Ling Wang was reluctant to let her go, they decided to make the best of their last days together. The two eventually got married on the second day and shared a tearful goodbye with each other in the morning.



Her powers had never been demonstrated, but she was known for being very powerful due to her blood relation to the Han Ke La Ma family and the body structure of a demonic power-user.

Original Power-user of Thunder (雷的原位異能行者)Edit

Although this is not confirmed, there is a high possibility that Bing Xin was the second "original power-user of thunder" (雷的原位異能行者), as she was cloned from Han's DNA.

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

Cai Yun Han

Cai Yun Han

The Gold Dimension Edit

Bing Xin is the second alternate counterpart of Cai Yun Han. Though she doesn't use the name Han, the meanings are still quite similar: Han (寒) means "cold", and Bing Xin (冰心) means "heart of ice".

Da Qiao

Da Qiao

The Silver Dimension Edit

Bing Xin has an alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension called Da Qiao. Like Yun Han and Wu Xiong in the Gold Dimension, she is older sister to Wu Xiong's alternate counterpart, Xiao Qiao.

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