Ah Rui Shi Zhi Shou

Ares' Hand (阿瑞斯之手)

Chinese: 阿瑞斯之手
Pronunciation: Ah Rui Shi Zhi Shou
Damage: +10
Defense: +3
Speed: 7

A metal glove reclaimed from the realm of darkness. The user of this weapon was Lei Ke Si. After left the gang, he also left this weapon behind.

During the final showdown between the KO fighters and Hei Long, this weapon was borrowed to Ding Xiao Yu in order to enhance the power of his right fist.

Legend Edit

It once used by the evil war god, Ares. Whenever someone puts it on, there will always be a blood bath.

Special Properties Edit

It is known for crushing bones and has stamina hard as steel. It can also provide its master thoughts that lure him down the path of evil, such as jealousy or hatred. It is made from 1000 flexible metal so its special property is its flexibility